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Rock Gold from the “Deeper” series


I am passionate about creating art; it’s part of my life journey and the story continues through each painting.  The  “Deeper” series began as an experiment in color, medium and technique and soon   evolved into an explorative journey interpreted through abstract paintings.  Using less control and giving way to more free-form artistic expression, my imagination was aroused and a geological dig ensued.   read more... I ended the year experimenting more and created projects that I’m still developing, in ‘Web of Life”, ‘Legacy’ and  ‘Expressions’ using different techniques, like photo transfering, and a more whimsical approach that I envisioned taking even further. This year, I’m launching a Gift Shop, featuring some of my favorite creations and making them more available to collect and purchase.  I’m also excited to introduce my hand-crafted pendant jewelry showcasing my original art. I invite you to explore the artwork in my galleries, and discover your favorites.   Carol Black-Lemon
Creating with Passion
Lifeform - “Web of Life”