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Still waters run deep - from the “Deeper” series


I am passionate about creating art; it’s part of my life journey and the story continues through each painting.  Last year I created a series of abstracts, entitled “Deeper” which was an exhilarating creative experience for me because  I used less control and more intuitiveness and achieved results beyond my expectations. I ended the year experimenting more and created projects that I’m still developing, in ‘Web of Life”, ‘Legacy’ and  ‘Expressions’ using different techniques, like photo transfering, and a more whimsical approach that I envisioned taking even further. This year, I’m launching a Gift Shop, featuring some of my favorite creations and making them more available to collect and purchase.  I’m also excited to introduce my hand-crafted pendant jewelry showcasing my original art. I invite you to explore the artwork in my galleries, and discover your favorites.   Carol Black-Lemon
Creating with Passion
Lifeform - “Web of Life”